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Bentley spot filmed on IPhone 5s

So can you really shoot great content on an iPhone?  

Check out this latest video for Bentley shot entirely on the latest iPhone 5s.  Ok it wasn't just a standard iPhone.  The production company also used an assortment of bolt on lenses, stabilization rigs, etc.  But at the end of the day they produced a commercial that achieved a great look.  The entire project was also cut and edited on an ipad.  Just goes to show you how far technology has come.  

Not so many years ago a film of this standard would have used cameras and stock worth more than the Bentley's being shot, a crew larger than the population of the South Island and a post production process that made someone a lot of money.  No to mention the crew catering...
At Pure we have tested the iphone picture quality against several of the larger more main stream cameras; Red Epic, Red One, Sony F65, Sony F5 and the Arri Alexa.  

Lets face it there's no way it compares.   To the trained eye it's obviously lower quality.  Also the ability to grade and push the footage is very limited in post (probably why the clip is black and white).   However the quality is still amazingly good for such a small camera and sensor.  And at nearly 800,000 hits the video is smart PR if nothing else. 

So does this mean every man and his dog will be out shooting high quality spots on iPhones?  We think not.  At the end of the day every good filmmaker knows its the ability to tell the story in an emotive, engaging way - regardless of the gear you have available that counts.  And not every man and his dog has this ability.

Check out the video http://youtu.be/lyYhM0XIIwU




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