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Does Your Video Need To Be In 4k?

4K is the most recent buzzword to hit the video world. It is the name for an ultra high definition resolution that is on the order of 4,000 pixals. Is 4K important for your next video or all hype.

1. Upgrading to 4K is going to cost quite a bit Although camera, monitor and TV prices have dropped, it’s still quite expensive to upgrade to 4K. Video in 4K is virtually useless unless you shoot in 4K, edit in 4K, and watch in 4K. 2. You’ll need to update your hardware Unless you upgrade your current hardware setup to be at least 4K capable, your workflow is going to slow down. The following specs are debatable but you’ll need at least a quad-core processor running at 3.5+ GHZ , 8 to 16GB of RAM minimum, at least one 4K capable dedicated GPU and storage; lots and lots of storage. 3. You can never have enough storage Some hardware companies claim their cameras shoot video in file sizes similar to current DSLR cameras. Unless you shoot in RAW or a high bit-rate, you’re not going to achieve a full quality 4K image. If you choose to shoot in RAW, you’re going to need dozens of Terabytes (TB) worth of hard drives to store your footage. 4. 4k is not readily accessible Not everyone has the capability to watch 4K video in 4k resolution (3840x2160). Sure, there’s an option for it on YouTube, but even if you have a full HD monitor at 1920x1080, you’re only seeing a fraction; of the video quality. Did you already purchase a 4K capable camera, computer & storage? Well now it’s time to dump thousands more into a 4K monitor and/or 4K TV. 5. The market moves faster than you do -By the time you upgrade to 4K, 5K+ is going to be readily available to the professional market, and remotely available to consumer markets. However if you are thinking you may use your footage later down the track then having it future proofed in 4k is not a bad idea. At Pure we offer full 4K production and arhiving.

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