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M.A Brainy Breakfast - Push Play

At a recent Brainy Breakfast (hosted by the NZ Marketing Association) PURE founder, Jamie McKenzie spoke to over 370 of New Zealand's top marketing and advertising professionals about the Art of Storytelling using Video. .

Covering in detail why stories are so important to humans and the effects stories have upon our brains Jamie discussed how this can be used to tell powerful stories that inspire actions. The art of storytelling is becoming more important than ever in the marketing world as we all consume more and more video. "We are all story addicts and as marketer's we can leverage that" stated Jamie, and went on to discuss some of the key factors to consider when using storytelling and video:

1. Be authentic.  Great stories are compelling stories and for a story to be compelling it needs to be real and something you audience can relate to and connect with.

2. One clear message.  You video can have many facts and be packed with information but it is important to have one clear message that your audience can connect with.

3. Make the story compelling.  The story wraps around the message to evoke strong emotion so make sure your message is compelling to YOUR audience.

4. Make every second count.  Jamie doesn't believe in a 'magic duration' for any video.  If the video is engaging for every second people will watch it regardless of length.

5. Make the beginning and end the count.  You need a great start to 'hook' the viewer in and you need a powerful, emotive end to charge them emotionally and inspire them to act upon your message.

The event also featured presentations from Lance Traore (Unruly) Cassie Roma & Susan Davidson (Air New Zealand). The event proved to be one of the Marketing Associations most attended events proving video is the hot topic in the marketing world this year. 

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