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Is Your Video Marketing Really Working? 3 Ways to know for sure


Evaluating the effectiveness of your online video marketing efforts can be difficult for any business or organisation.  What are the metrics that really matter? There are three results that you need to be monitoring to assess you contents effectiveness. 


1. Visitor Time on Site Increases

Current research reports average users spend 88% more time on a website with video. So its important to monitor monthly the time your visitors spend on your website via google analytics. Although it may not immediately lead to conversations the longer visitors are interacting with your site the less time they are spending on a competitors site!

And information shared via video is retained 68% more than standard text. One point to watch however is the drop off point for your visitors.  If they are spending an average of 60 seconds on your site and you have a 60 second video you can begin to see that perhaps the video content does not have a strong enough call to action to prompt them to take the next step. 

2. Visitors View More Pages

Beyond the time on site metric for website visitors, another important number to keep track of is the number of pages within your site that an average visitor views. Why?

Because, it tracks how engaged that visitor became with your brand. A visitor who views more than one page on your website is looking for more information about your products/services and who your company is. They’re engaging with your brand further and more likely to remember your company when they decide to buy.

Videos help you convert visitors into more engaged prospects, by delivering easily digestible content. 

3. Conversion Rate Increases

Videos help you to sell products and services at a significantly higher rate than text and images alone. Fact. 

But how do you assess what your conversion rate actually is monitored on? Obviously for retail / product based companies the number of sales can be managed but for service orientated business it maybe the best conversation measure to track is the number of enquiries or leads generated from the site.  Either way - chose one and measure it month to month. We have produce videos for clients that have lead to a 25% increase in conversions. 


Take action now! Increase Your Website’s Performance

Ready to start using video to increase these 3 metrics? First, figure out how your website is performing currently. If you don’t have Google Analytics tracking your website visitors make sure you set it up now.

Over the next two months monitor the visitors traffic and track the three metrics we have discussed. During this time start planning the video content you'd like to add to your site.  PURE can help you with this entire process from strategy, creative and production. 

It's important is this stage to detail your exact goals for the video content when you produce it and remember it must fit in with the navigation of your site, be engaging and have a strong call to action. 

Once you're content is launched thats not the end.  Monitoring and tracking via analytics will give you realtime information about the three metrics we recommend to measure. 


Advanced marketing Tips

As with any marketing project, video content marketing should constantly be tested and improved.  Once your video has been live for a while and you have had time to benchmark the results start running some tests e.g changing the videos title, thumbnails, etc.  Reviewing the call to action and making minor adjustments can often lead to an increase on conversations.

If you would like to discuss how to increase the effectiveness of your website then we'd love to have a chat - contact us.

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