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How to Measure your Video Marketing

It wasn’t too long ago that everyone thought they could release some video content and with a hope and a prayer it would go viral.  So now we’ve moved past that phase how do we measure the effectiveness of video content?

The first thing you need to establish is what your video marketing goals are?  Is it to drive traffic to your site? Build specific lead generation?  Increase brand awareness ?  Whatever your goals maybe will determine what metrics will be most critical to watch and measure.

1. Engagement

With all social channels it is very easy to access how engaged people are with your video.  Is it getting viewed?  Is it getting liked?  Are people leaving comments? And most importantly is it getting shared? If you can get your content shared not only have you engaged your audience but they have also decided it has enough value or entertainment to share it within their network which in tern can grow your audience.

2. View Time

Monitoring the time your audience has watched the video can be a good indicator as to what turns them on and off.  If you can see a large portion of your viewers click away at 23 seconds it maybe worth reviewing the content and tweaking it at 23 seconds to keep them watching.  It could be your video is too long.  The length of the video can be different depending on where it is show. Youtube video can often be viewed for longer in comparison to Facebook videos.

3. Watch to completion

If your viewers are watching your content to completion that is working hard for you. If you review the insights of uploads to Facebook or Youtube you can see the stats as to how your video has performed. You can also use other hosting option such as Wistia that can provide detail metrics of your videos.

4. Conversions

I see a lot of content produced that misses one key ingredient.  Call to action.  If you video has no direct, clear and powerful call to action you are wasting time and money on video.  Don’t leave them hanging! 

Once they have watched the video what do you want they to do next?  It maybe you direct them to a website or sign up form to get a product demo?  Or perhaps subscribe to your channel and get more content? Whatever you decide your call to action is make sure you can measure it.  This is often one of the easiest ways to measure the ROI on your video.

These 4 metrics are a simple way to begin to measure how effective you video content is and to plan how to maximize its use.

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