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5 Tips to get started with Facebook Video

With the explosion of Facebook Video you'd have to have been living under a rock to not realise how powerful it can be as a marketing tool. It's cheap, effective and relatively easy.  So why aren't more businesses leveraging this channel?  Here's our 5 basic tips to get to get you started. 

  1. Make a start!  We speak to a large number of businesses that intend to start using video on Facebook. Yet they delay and delay.  Procrastination won't build your brand.  Create some content and get started.  Now is the time before things change!
  2. Entertain or inform don't promote.  Your content needs to be relevant and either entertaining or informational. The more people you can get to engage and interact with your content the better the reach.  Rather than promoting your product or service considering content that offers real value to your audience.  For example; if you sell golf balls don't make a video promoting how great your golf balls are.  A more effective approach would be a video explaining how too perfect your golf swing and why your golf balls make the difference. Always deliver content that has some value to the audience. 
  3. Native upload. You've made your video content and you're setting up your Facebook post.  Your video is loaded on to your Youtube channel, you've set up your Facebook ad or paid post, you've written a great description of the video that entices people to watch, you then post the Youtube link. Fail!  Facebook never wants you to leave Facebook - EVER!  Facebook hates links in posts so your post will have less exposure due to the Facebook algorithms.  Never post a link (in this case YouTube).  The best approach is to load your video file directly to Facebook (you can still have it loaded to YouTube for other purposes) and post that.  The Facebook algorithms will thank you.   Your video will also autoplay when people scroll through their feeds enticing viewers further. 
  4. We can't hear you! Make sure your video has subtitles.  Most videos are watched on mobile devices without sound. Add subtitles - simple. 
  5. Frequency. If you want to win on Facebook (or any digital platform) you need frequency of content to be omnipresent.  Posting one average video and throwing a few ad dollars at it WILL NOT WORK.  You need to think of Facebook video marketing as a long game. Quality, engaging content that is released regularly without fail over a long period of time work.  Ever heard Gary Vee screaming at you to work harder?

Its really that simple to get a basic video strategy implemented with Facebook. Once you have the basics it's then time to build an audience, set some budgets and some ads, do some testing and get started on one of the most powerful platforms available.  

If you'd like to discuss if Facebook video strategy would be of benefit in going your business then we'd love to talk!

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